Craft: All Bubbled Over

By Sabrina Condon, Macaroni Kid Brewster-Mahopac-Carmel August 31, 2013

What do we always tell children NOT to do with straws and cups? Blow bubbles at the dinner table! But here's an excuse to allow them to go to town! This craft makes a great, cool and unique design on paper.


  • Tempera paint or food coloring
  • Bubble solution
  • Straw
  • Cup
  • Paper, any color


  1. Put a few drops of tempera paint or food coloring into the cup with a 1/2 inch of bubble solution.
  2. Mix with straw.
  3. Insert straw into liquid and gently blow, but make sure your child blows only and doesn't suck in.
  4. Allow bubbles to spill onto the paper, careful not to saturate the paper.
  5. Let bubbles pop and dry!