Craft: Make Your Own Bubble Wand

By Sabrina Condon May 9, 2014
Bubble blowing is a favorite spring activity for everyone! (Yes, it's okay to admit that even moms and dads like to get in on the fun every once in awhile!)

Personalize your bubble blowing experience by creating your own bubble wands at home. Experiment with shapes and sizes to extend your bubble blowing fun!

This is an easy activity for all ages. Little ones may need a little assistance shaping the wand end.

  • Pipe cleaners in various colors
  • Assorted beads or dry macaroni
  1. Decide the shape you want for the top of your wand.
  2. Fold over top of pipe cleaner, twist onto itself and shape as desired. Small cookie cutters work great to help create shapes!
  3. String beads or macaroni onto bottom half of wand to create the handle.
  4. Fold the pipe cleaner over the last bead/macaroni and twist onto itself so beads do not fall off.
  5. Take your bubble wand outside with your bubble solution and watch your fun-shaped bubbles float through the air!