Side Table Transformation

An easy craft for the chronically un-crafty

By Holly Christy April 24, 2015
Let’s face it. There are some of us who just aren’t naturally crafty. If you are one of those people who find yourself admiring others’ creativity with just a bit of “craft envy,” then this project is for you. It’s a chance to take on an honest-to-goodness craft with results you will love!

An updated side table is the perfect addition to a reading room and reusing one that you have around the house is a great way for a home-décor update at minimal cost. Search your home for a table that could use a little love. I found a super abused Ikea side table that could use a new life.

By using something you already have, this project can be done for five dollars or less.

All you need is printed card stock in various, complementary colors and patterns, Modge Podge (a glue/water adhesive), and a sponge brush.

Surely there are more sophisticated ways to describe the process, but the basic concept involves nothing more than slopping the Mod Podge on the table, arranging the papers in a way that you love, and globbing more glue over the top. It couldn't be easier!  

Once it’s dried, display your crafty creation with pride.

Do you have other great ideas for simple, cheap, crafty transformations for non-crafters? Share a comment below and let us know!