An Interview with the Easter Bunny

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By Diana Cole Sandy Springs Dunwoody Macaroni Kid and Julia Williams Macaroni Kid Lakeland, April 16, 2019

Macaroni Kid was lucky enough to snag an interview with the elusive Easter Bunny himself! This was our chance to get all of our questions about the Easter Bunny answered.

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Now let's get on with our interview!

MK: What is your real name?

E.B.:  My name is top secret, But I answer to E.B.

MK: Where do you live?

E.B.:  I live in an underground Burrow with all of my friends and family.

MK: How Big are you?

E.B.: I come out of my burrow, the night before Easter, and use magic to grow into a big rabbit to deliver the eggs and baskets. I grow to be around 5ft tall.  No one has actually seen me, but my footprints have been spotted Easter morning.  Those footprints were examined by animal scientists who made the calculation.

MK:  How old are you?

E.B.: Laughs.  You know better to ask a Bunny that question.   I am hundreds of years old.   A Bunny never tells their age.

MK: What do you eat?

E.B.: Yummy, I love to eat vegetables.   Mostly carrots and lettuce.   I am a very healthy Bunny.  Just ask my Doctor!

MK: What do you do for the rest of the year?

E.B.:  Like Santa, I am already preparing for next year’s Easter.

MK: How do you dye all of your eggs?

E.B.:  I use natural ingredients (like fresh blueberries, red cabbage, turmeric, beets, and carrots) to dye all of the eggs.

MK: Do you have a saying like Santa?

E.B.:  “These eggs I leave for you!"

MK: How do you carry all of the baskets and eggs?

E.B.:  It is Easter Bunny magic! I just tuck it into my bag and it always fits. Wouldn't it be cool if suitcases worked like that too?

MK: Do you know Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy?

EB: Oh, yes! They are both very good friends of mine. But we are all so busy making children happy that we rarely get a chance to hang out.

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