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By Cookie Suarez, Publisher Macaroni Kid Sandy Springs - Dunwoody - Chamblee - Doraville & Buckhead-Midtown-Brookhaven October 11, 2021

Our family absolutely loves exploring the outdoors and making memories together with new adventures. I'm thrilled to share our latest experience because cycling is one of our favorite family fun activities. We had the opportunity to try Rad Power Bikes' RadRunner Plus electric bike, and it has been a total game-changer for our family!

My husband gave his car to his parents in Florida this past spring. It wasn't too difficult to adjust to a one-car family because we both currently telework from home. Pre-pandemic, he rode his bike to the office when the weather allowed. His return to the office this fall has been delayed due to the ongoing pandemic.

The huge change this fall was our daughter's return to school in person for the first time since March 2020. We were all a little anxious for a variety of reasons and dreaded the morning routine, especially the 20-minute one-mile walking commute. We've walked her to school before, but it's a pretty steep hill for tiny legs first thing in the morning.

Game Changer: RadRunner Plus From Rad Power Bikes

For two years, I've heard my husband complain about the street "parking lot" from the morning school carpool line. He told me over and over how quick and easy the school commute would be with an electric bike to tackle the huge hill and how we could save money on gas too! Recently, there was a bus driver shortage in our school district that caused major transportation issues and resulted in more cars on the road for the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. 

With the RadRunner Plus electric bike, the drop-off time from home to school is less than 10 minutes! It's energy-efficient and time-saving too! My husband is so happy because he can bond with my daughter on the way to school, get some physical activity, and reduce his carbon footprint. My daughter squeals in delight when riding on the RadRunner Plus. She loves waving to her friends as she passes them on the carpool line. The "cool factor" and smiles per mile are absolutely priceless at this age. I found it amusing to receive text messages from other parents about seeing my daughter riding on the back of "a motorcycle" to school. I quickly explained to them that she's riding on an electric bike with enough power to take all the big hills in the neighborhood. Now they all want one too!

As an environmental health scientist, my husband said he feels really cool riding his RadRunner Plus electric bike, like a hero fighting bad guys (traffic and carbon emissions), and making our city more sustainable! He's also getting physical activity every day and is energized to get his workday started earlier. As a wife and mom, I'm elated at how much my husband is enjoying his new Rad Power Bike. Of course, it's wonderful to get a few more minutes in the morning and not stress about the carpool line too. Now, he is constantly volunteering to run a variety of errands just so he can whiz around the city on his electric bike and check tasks off his to-do list. 

We've had the RadRunnner Plus electric bike for just over a month and have already logged 200 miles. It's a win for everyone! 

Some of Our Favorite RadRunner Plus Rides 

Picking up dinner
Returning books

Delivering packages 

Going for dessert
Picking up a movie

Biking to school

Top 10 RadRunner Plus Features

The RadRunner Plus is a perfect match for our family's commuting and utility needs. We were surprised at how quickly we received the electric bike. It was packed securely and arrived with all the necessary tools for assembly. The Rad Power Bikes online support videos were very helpful for assembling the bike out of the box and repairing a flat tire. We received a few accessories to store our cycling gear too! I can't wait for our basket to arrive so I can add more tasks and cargo hauling to my "Honey Do List."

Here are our family's favorite RadRunner Plus features: 

  • Sleek aesthetic design 
  • Front fork suspension for Atlanta's uneven roads and pavements
  • Rear passenger seat, footpegs, and acrylic wheel cover to protect tiny feet
  • LCD Display that tracks speed, distance, pedal assist level, and battery life
  • Front and rear fenders to protect riders from rain, snow, or other road debris 
  • 7-speed gears give flexibility while riding different terrains
  • Twist Grip Throttle is easy to use and gives an extra boost on demand
  • 5 Level Pedal-assist helps tackle uphill rides with ease   
  • 750 Watt geared hub motor powered by a 48-volt lithium-ion battery
  • LED halo headlight for optimal visibility

Riding to the park and playground

Bike Safety

Don't forget to invest in a quality bike helmet and a lock to secure your Rad Power Bike!

Also, before you ride, make sure you are familiar with your area's bike laws. On July 1, 2021, a new law went into effect in Georgia to keep cyclists safer on the roads. Specifically, drivers must give cyclists 3 feet of space on the road. Learn more about Bicycle Safety in Georgia

Ride Rad

We are having an absolute blast with our RadRunner Plus electric bike. We've seen so many heads turns when we pass people and positive comments when we are riding around town racking up the Rad miles and smiles. Go check out Rad Power Bikes' fleet of electric bikes to find one that fits your bike style and family! Our RadRunner Plus electric bike is so fun, convenient, and versatile for our family joy rides, commuting, and adventures! We don't miss our second car at all! We are proud and committed to helping our environment by continuing to ride rather than drive! 




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A post shared by Cookie Suarez (@mackidbuckheadatl)

A post shared by Cookie Suarez (@mackidbuckheadatl)

*Disclaimer: Rad Power Bikes sponsored this article and provided a RadRunner Plus electric bike and accessories for this review. All images and opinions are 100% my own.

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