L-Stringz Music Academy

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The L-Stringz Music Academy is a music school whose goal is to provide affordable music lessons personally tailored towards each individual student's needs. "The L-Stringz Music Academy was started by Atlanta Violinist Leanne "L-Stringz" Holmes. Officially named in 2019, the L-Stringz Music Academy’s goal is to teach music lessons to children or adults interested in learning how to play an instrument/enhancing previous music skills. Additionally, the L-Stringz Music Academy teaches Music Theory and group masterclasses.

The main goal of the L-Stringz Music Academy is to provide affordable, quality lessons in music to everyone who is seriously invested in music and to provide these services to those in low-income areas that cannot afford lessons. At the L-Stringz Music Academy, our policy is that "Can't" will never be in our vocabulary. We provide supplies and instruments and offer lessons at a discounted-free rate for those in low-income areas. This gives all students a fighting chance of going to college and receiving scholarships