Valentine Treat Bags

By Michelle Melnik - Macaroni Kid Deerfield/Greenfield February 8, 2014
Valentine treat bags can be used to collect cards from classmates or to give a sweet treat to someone special.

These were made using brown paper lunch bags, Valentine themed card stock, tissue paper, ribbon, paper hearts, and paper flowers.

Cut about an inch from the top of a brown paper lunch bag.

Next, measure each side of the bag and cut some Valentine themed card stock to the same size. Cutting your card stock a bit smaller than the actual size of the bag will give you a nice brown paper bag border. Our card stock measurements were approximately 8" high x 5" wide for the front and back of the bag and approximately 8" high x 3" wide for the two sides of the bag.

Use a small hole punch to make holes on each side of the bag to add ribbon handles. You can make a knot on the inside of the bag with the ribbon or simply add some clear tape to the inside to keep the ribbon in place.

Finally add a label and embellishments (using paper hearts and flowers), some tissue paper, and some treats.