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Your Privacy:

Your privacy is important to us. So is getting you all the news and info you and your family need. Please review the following to see how we use your information to make that happen. When you use Macaroni Kid, you are accepting these policies and procedures. Should you have any questions about them, please contact us by email at , or by phone at 301.299.0693. Our Mailing Address is PO Box 60871, Potomac, MD 20854.

The Basics:

We will not sell your personal information. We will not trade your personal information. We will not rent your personal information.

There, wasn’t that simple?

Information We Gather:

When you subscribe to, we need your email address to be sure you get your newsletter each week. In addition, we ask, but do not require, your name, the town you live in and the ages of your children. This enables us to be sure to get you the news and info that is most appropriate.

Like many websites, Macaroni Kid uses “cookies” to enable certain functions that let us serve you better by identifying you and the website for your town. Cookies are small files which are stored on your internet browser. They can be deleted by you anytime (via your own browser), but before you do so, remember that they are used by Macaroni Kid solely to enable us to serve you better.

We may also compile certain demographic information from users (such as zip codes, children’s ages) to enable us to improve the service and info which we provide. We may also use this compiled information (but never your individual personal information) to share with advertisers.

From time to time, we may contact you to inquire about your use of or to request additional information to help us make our site, and your experience, better. Your response to these inquiries is completely voluntary.

If you Unsubscribe:

If, at some time, you elect to unsubscribe to Macaroni Kid, your email address and any other information you have provided will be permanently removed.

A Few Final Notes:

Children: Macaroni Kid provides info about activities for kids and their families, but it is intended for users who are over 18. Those under 18 may only use under the supervision of a parent or guardian and children’s personal information should never be entered on (or on any other site, for that matter).

Policy Changes: may make changes to its privacy and information policies from time to time. When we do, those changes will be posted here. Please check back anytime to view our current privacy policies.

Government/Fraud/Security Requests: may disclose information should it be called upon to do so by any law enforcement agency or other governmental authority. In addition, may disclose information when we believe such release is appropriate to aid companies engaged in fraud protection or detection.

Business Transfer: As we continue to develop our business, we might acquire other companies, which might include information about their customers. If that happens, all reasonable efforts will be made to comply with the privacy policy of that company. In the unlikely event that (or its assets) are sold, customer information will be one of the assets which is transferred to the acquirer.

Editorial Policy:

Macaroni Kid's content is determined by our local and national editors. We select content which we believe will be the most relevant and interesting to our family-focused readers. Occasionally, we will feature content provided by our sponsors. When we do this, we'll let you know then and there. We'll never try to sneak something past you.

On occasion, we will send dedicated emails on our sponsors' behalf. These will be clearly marked, "Sponsor Email" or similar to identify them as paid content. You will also recognize these with our Macaroni Kid branding.

We look forward to dishing the scoop on the best events, activities, products and places for you and your family.