Create a “Hand”-some Fish in a Bowl

By Jamie Goodwin September 4, 2015
Craft projects that incorporate your child’s hands or feet are such great ways to document growth over the years. Not only that, but the results are always adorable!

This “hand”-some fish in a bowl incorporates a few unique 3-D elements, making it fun to display and destined to become a great keepsake.

  • Glue
  • Ink Pad (You can also use washable markers)
  • Scissors
  • 1 Wiggly Eye
  • 1 Black Marker
  • White Buttons, Beads or Cotton for Bubbles
  • 1 Piece of Blue Construction Paper (or color of choice for tank)
  • 1 Piece of Yellow Construction Paper (or color of choice for fish)
  • Dried Beans or Small Pebbles
  1. Draw and cut out a fish tank, shape and size of choice.  I free-handed this one and just made sure it was well over the size of my child’s hand.
  2. Trace child's hand on the yellow piece of paper. Cut out.
  3. Put ink (or marker) on the thumbs (or all fingers) and put fingerprints on the fingers of the fish.
  4. Glue eye on fish and draw mouth with marker.
  5. Glue hand (fish) onto the blue paper (tank).
  6. Glue remainder of items to decorate tank. Use pebbles or beans for the rocks at the bottom.  Use buttons, beads or cotton for the bubbles.

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