Snowmen Popcorn Cups for Movie Night

By Valarie Fisher, Macaroni Kid Roseville-Rocklin-Lincoln January 5, 2017
Don’t you just love cuddling up in the winter and watching movies? Well, it’s time to put on your PJs, make some hot chocolate and snuggle up to watch! But before you do, make some popcorn and put them in these easy-to-make snowmen cups. They are also great for parties.

Here’s all you need: 
Plastic cups, clear or semi opaque
Permanent markers, black and orange
Glue gun

Here's what you do:
1. Cut the ribbon long enough to go around the bottom of the cup with enough length to tie it in a knot with “tails” hanging off. Put a small dab of glue from the glue gun onto the back of the cup (not too much … you don’t want to melt the cup) and put the ribbon on it. Wrap the ribbon around and tie a knot. Note: I tried it without using the glue and the ribbon just kept sliding off.

2. Using a black marker, color in dots for the eyes, draw the outline of the “carrot” nose, and the dots for the mouth. Use the orange marker to color in the nose.

If you don’t have an orange marker, you could use orange construction paper and glue it on, but you will have to plan ahead a little so the glue dries and the carrot doesn’t slip around when you're trying to use them. (I wouldn’t recommend using the glue gun for this because you need to use too much glue and it might melt the cup).

3. Now fill them up with popcorn and pop that movie in - it’s movie time!

These can be reusable for the whole season, but if you wash them out, be careful not to get the ribbon messed up. 


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