Beauty and the Beast Review

In Theaters, March 17

By Diana and S Cole March 15, 2017

"A tale as old as time. True as it can be.”

There will be no spoilers in my review. You all know the story of Beauty and the Beast. There’s a young boy who is all into his and others vanity. An enchantress gives him two chances to accept a rose from her horrific persona. The young man refuses and the enchantress turns the whole castle into enchanted creatures and the young man into a horrific beast. Peculiar Provincial French girl lives in a village. She’s looking for adventure. Towns people think she is odd. Her father, Maurice is an inventor and different. Another man named Gaston wants to marry Belle, because she is the most beautiful woman in the village. Maurice goes to show off his newest creation and gets lost. Finds an enchanted castle and is imprisoned by a horrid beast. Belle finds him and trades places with him. Beast and Belle start to fall in love. Gaston attacks castle, and Belle falls in love with Beast. They live happily ever after.


The new version, is the same old story. But there are some tiny changes. There are 2 new songs. Four songs are still in the movie from the animated version. You learn more of the servants. You learn more of Belle and the Beasts families. You’ll learn about Belle’s past. You’ll also learn why the Beast has anger issues and he is just overall rude. 

There were traces of other movies. There was one scene I was reminded of the Sound of Music. 

Another scene, my friend asked me if I heard Olaf (Josh Gad is LeFou). Like in all Disney movies, there are jokes that go over the kid’s heads.

The scenes are amazing. You wonder how they did that. I  was awed by the animated version of Be Our Guest. The new version is 100x better. There is the iconic yellow dress. There was a child in the audience that was wearing it. But there were some new costumes.

You are wondering about the controversy. I promise you the scenes are as long as this sentence. There are two scenes in question. One is during the fight scene, and involves the dresser and women’s clothing. The other is LeFou dancing with another man. That’s it. Nothing more, no hidden agenda. Honestly, if I didn’t know what there was a controversy, I would have missed it. 

Beauty and the Beast opens nationwide on Friday, March 17 in 3D, Real D 3D and IMAX 3D and is rated PG with a running time of 129 minutes.   My daughter and I were given complimentary tickets in exchange for this review.  My opinions are mine and my daughters.

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