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So I had a fun weekend.    You know when things can go wrong, they do.   Well, that was my weekend.   

It started with the Dunwoody Arts Festival.   The plan was for my husband and kids to help set me up. Then leave.   That was completed.  Afterward, my husband was going to drive my son to a Bar Mitzvah.   pick hm up, then drive my daughter to a birthday party, pick her up, then drive me other daughter to her bridging ceremony.  While my friend drove my son the party.   That all happened except for the fact, around 930, I was walking and I fell into a hole.   I heard a crack.   Not good.   Another vendor helped get from where I fell to my tent.   Paramedics were called.  My right foot was swelling.   I kept ice on it.  The face painter next to me was a school nurse and would growl if I stood up.   The boy scouts went to Walgreens and got me crutches.  Then it started to rain.   The face painter, sand art, and boy scouts decided to clean up and call it a day.   I had to wait for my hubby.   Finally, he and my friend came to get me since I couldn't drive.   My husband and I picked up my daughter while my friend drove my van home.   We were almost at the birthday party when she texted my husband.   Car stopped.  Won't move.    My husband dropped me off at the Immediate Care Center with my daughter and went to the van.   My tire was flatter than a pancake.  Turns out the  Axl broke.   At the same time, my husband was finding this out.  I found out I fractured my right ankle.  As I type this, my car is in the shop. I have a big blue cast on my leg, and we are getting new floors put in.   My husband and kids have ben rockstars.    If you want to help, my friend set up a meal train.  

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