Titans of the Ice Age 2D and Mammoths and Mastodons

Fernbank Museum of Natural History until August 27

By Diana Cole, Owner Publisher Editor Sandy Springs Dunwoody Macaroni Kid June 22, 2017

I recently was invited to go to Fernbank Museum of Natural History and view Titans of the Ice Age 2D and Mammoths and Mastodons. My opinions as always are my own.

My family and I love Fernbank Museum of Natural History. We love Fernbank NatureQuest and always wind up there at the end of our day. My kids are 9, 12, and 13 and they all enjoy playing in Nature Quest. They also love the “bubble room” aka Sensing Nature area. They don’t understand they are learning. SHHH please do not tell them. 

We there this day to explore the new traveling exhibit: Mammoths and Mastodons. We walked through about half way through the exhibit and then had tickets to see Titans of the Ice Age 2D. I would recommend seeing the movie first and then going through the exhibit. From Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s website: “Take an unforgettable journey back in time to the otherworldly frozen landscapes of the northern hemisphere 10,000 years before modern civilization. Titans of the Ice Age 2D brings this harsh and beautiful era to life—a world buried in our ancestral memory, populated by saber-tooth cats, giant sloths, dire wolves and the iconic woolly mammoths. Travel across monumental glaciers and sweeping grasslands, rich in life. Roam the mammoth steppe with baby Lyuba, a female Woolly Mammoth calf recently exposed by the melting Siberian permafrost, now one of the best-preserved mammoth mummies in the world. Discover the story of Zed, one of the most complete Colombian Mammoth skeletons ever uncovered, extracted in 2008 from the famous La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles”   

We really enjoyed the movie. More importantly, we learned. I honestly had no knowledge of the Ice Age Period.

We then went to Mammoths and Mastodons exhibit. From the website:  “Mysterious and massive, the world was their stomping ground. Journey back in time millions of years ago when mammoths and mastodons roamed the earth. Explore how mammoths and mastodons lived with other giant creatures like short-faced bears and saber-toothed cats. Joust with mammoth tusks. Touch the teeth of the colossal mastodon, and feel mammoth fur between your fingertips. Create your own cave art and learn why early humans both hunted and honored these majestic animals. Live among these larger than life creatures for a day, in the most captivating, interactive exhibition since the Ice Age.” We really enjoyed this exhibit, we especially loved seeing a replica of Lyuba, it was so cool. I loved seeing the kids interact with all the exhibits as well.
Mammoths and Mastodons exhibit and Titans of the Ice Age 2D is on view until August 27, 2017

Afterward, we went outside to WildWoods. From the website “Take a walk on the wild side as you explore 75 acres of new outdoor nature adventures. WildWoods and Fernbank Forest combine to highlight the natural world through immersive trails, educational programming, hands-on exhibits, and beautiful scenery.  Enjoy the wonder of nature in the heart of the city in WildWoods. An elevated walkway takes you from the Museum’s terrace into the treetops where you can enjoy stunning views from one of 2 tree pods. From there, guests can tailor their experiences:

~ Explore immersive and interactive exhibits for children (Nature Stories) and tweens (Adventure Outpost).
~ See adventure turn to art in the Nature Gallery.
~ Get a closer look at nature through special trailside experiences, including a sensory wall, animal tracks, and tree molds.
~ Look for a variety of native plants, flowers, and wildlife as the trails take you along the creek toward the wetlands meadow and wildlife sanctuary.
~ Take advantage of drop-in programs in the education pavilion and educator-led nature walks. 

My husband and daughters explored this area. I made it to the weather station and turned around. It was too much for my broken ankle. They said it was informative and learned a lot about the native birds and trees to Atlanta.

You can purchase tickets to Fernbank Museum of Natural History HERE. 
Fernbank Museum of Natural History General admission, including all exhibitions, WildWoods and Fernbank Forest as low as $16
Museum admission plus a Giant Screen film at a discounted rate. Same-day admission only as low as $22.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History
is located at 767 Clifton Road NE Atlanta, GA 30307. Their number is 404.929.6300.

Fernbank Museum of Natural History is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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