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Be a part of this HUGE community kindness pay it forward movement!

By Diana Friedman Cole, Owner Publisher Editor Sandy Springs Dunwoody Macaroni Kid November 19, 2020
The Great Sandy Springs Dunwoody Chamblee and Doraville 
Macaroni Kid Snowball Fight of 2020 is here!

I have been secretly planning this big surprise for weeks and it has been killing me!  I am horrible at keeping secrets and now I am ready to shout it from the rooftops!

Let's face it 2020 has had its share of challenges. So many things are different and most notably is the lack of events happening for our neighbors to come together! Macaroni Kid isn't letting a pandemic stop the fun. We've decided to start the Great Macaroni Kid Snowball Fight of 2020 with the first snowball launching at the beginning of December, then keep rolling through the end of the year.

2020 has been such a hard year for so many reasons for so many people.  We all want to help make 2020 end on a happy note by GIVING OUT 100 SNOWBALL GIFT BAGS TO OUR LOCAL COMMUNITY for our local families! Macaroni Kid has partnered with some AMAZING local small businesses to help make this possible!

โ„๏ธ What is The Great Macaroni Kid Snowball Fight?

Starting 11/19, families can begin entering for a chance to be "snowballed" with a snowball gift bag. I will have at least 100 to deliver, so many will have a chance to win! On 11/28 I will choose our winners, then later that week, team Macaroni Kid and our partners will suit up in our winter gear (mittens and all) and head out to start "snowballing" -  We will be dropping gift bags off on porches for families to enjoy.

Once families have been "snowballed" they can then spread the fun on to neighbors and friends. We will provide the directions so winners can fill up their own baskets or bags to keep this movement "snowballing"!

โ„๏ธ How does it work?

If you received a Snowball Gift Bag:

  1. Enjoy your treat and have fun trying to figure out who left it for you
  2. Tape the "We've Been Snowballed" sign on your door or front window
  3. Print out 2 copies of the "You've Been Snowballed" page and the "We've Been Snowballed" page and make 2 Snow Gift Bags to give to your neighbors or friends (printable below)
  4. Deliver your baskets STEALTHFULLY to 2 neighbors who haven't been Snowballed yet

*You don't have to receive a bag to give one!  Start the trend in your neighborhood and give out a couple of gift bags.

For official Snowball Bag Giveaway Rules, click here.

Stay tuned for another BIG Snowball surprise to come in the next few weeks as well!  It's going to be MEGA (hint hint)

Sandy Springs Dunwoody Macaroni Kid is starting the trend in Sandy Springs Dunwoody Chamblee and Doraville with 100 Snowball Gift Bags being delivered the first week of December.  None of this could have been possible without the generosity of our amazing local business partners.

A big Shoutout to our Platinium Sponsor

Thank you to our Gold Sponsors

Thank you to all our Silver Sponsors

Thank you to all our Community Sponsors

Let’s work together and make this holiday season even more spectacular and fun for our community than ever before!

The Holiday season will most likely look different for a lot of children this year. There will be fewer events and public gatherings than ever before. Let’s help spread some snowy cheer by "Snowballing" 100 local families and start the “Pay It Forward” movement throughout the month (each family that gets Snowballed will be encouraged to Snowball at least 1-2 more families)… think of the joy we can spread throughout the city with our Snowball Effect!


Sandy Springs Dunwoody Macaroni Kid is aiming to make 100 Snowball Baskets to kick off the fun. This means we will gather all the swag which we will use to fill the baskets.  We will also arrange the delivery of all the bags and document the adventure on social media. Your company/business logo will appear on the flyer that will accompany each basket and be delivered throughout our area. Your name and logo will also be included in all marketing materials used to promote this activity, including an article detailing this project that will be sent out in our weekly newsletter to approximately 6,200 families so that they can download the flyers and create their own You've Been Snowballed baskets. Sponsorships start at $100...that's just $1 per basket to be part of this awesome and memorable community project!


Click the flyers to download the PDF.

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