Thoughts on January 6

By Diana Friedman Cole, Owner Publisher Editor Sandy Springs Dunwoody Macaroni Kid January 7, 2021

Yesterday January 6, 2021, will live in a Day of Infamy.

I am trying my hardest not to be political.   If my personal opinions come out, I apologize.  

There are so many things to learn from since November.  

We are supposed to teach our children to lose gracefully.   To accept the hand, you are given.  Even if you do not agree with it.  However, since November this has not happened.   Instead, we had people throwing tantrums and the behavior that resulted on January 6, 2021.  

If you are talking to children about the events that transpired yesterday.   Teach them to be kind to one another, respect each other (even if you have different values), and talk it out versus violence.

I am giving you all a huge hug.  If you like Trump, I love you.  If you like Biden, I love you.