Packrat: A Journey of Rescue & Redemption at Center For Puppetry Arts

February 10, 2024

The Center for Puppetry Arts invites you to experience an enchanting voyage through the Sagebrush Desert with the New York-based Concrete Temple Theatre's mesmerizing production, “PACKRAT.” Set against the expansive and breathtaking desert panorama and complemented by an original score that gracefully accentuates multimedia elements, this puppet play explores the intricacies of the human connection with the natural world. 

“A journey of rescue and redemption … Thoroughly mesmerizing … amazingly expressive ...” and “has the solemn austerity of an ancient fable.” – The New York Times “PACKRAT” weaves together puppetry, projections and an original score to create a multi-layered narrative that explores the profound connection between humans and nature. Bud, a peculiar rodent known for hoarding humankind's discarded goods, has his world upended when a careless act results in a wildfire, resulting in a life-threatening crisis for the animals who live in Bud's valley. Already ostracized for his hoarding instincts, Bud becomes the scapegoat for the human-made disasters affecting the animals’ lives, leading to his banishment from the community. Alone amidst the raging fire, Bud embarks on a poignant journey, confronting both human-made dangers and natural obstacles.

“A play must be doing something right when it can successfully invest a serving spoon with emotional resonance. ‘PACKRAT’ tells a straightforward but moving tale, wonderfully performed. If one can see a theatrical experience as another kind of human treasure, you will want to add some time spent with Bud, Firestone and the other inhabitants of the Valley to your own collection.” – THINKING THEATRE

Presented by New York-based Concrete Temple Theatre, “PACKRAT” will be on stage from Feb. 21 to March 3 and is recommended for ages 12+. To learn more, visit: