Special Kids...Special Needs

April is Autism Awareness Month- I'm aware every day! A challenge from me.

By Carissa Garabedian April 28, 2013
So, April is Autism Awareness month. Our family lives it every day, it is nice to have a month that everyone in this "group" can feel a little more supported and those not in it, a little more educated.
I will say this "group" can be a little lonely and a little overwhelming at times, so to help me be Marky's voice and all the other stars that can't do this; I ask that as parents, teachers or friends, you help us this month too.

Talk to your kids that do not have Autism and let them know the following points, by doing so, you will do what we are trying for every day - more acceptance. You know what else will happen by doing this? YOU (the adults) will also learn and realize some of the simple things that we live every day and get us one step closer to our kids feeling accepted. Promise :) After reading, share a thought, tip or anything you'd like.

  • All of our brains work differently, because kids with Autism may not learn it the same way does not mean they can't do it. 
  • You may not know by looking at a child that they have Autism. There is not "one look".
  • Many kids with Autism are concrete thinkers. Saying to our son "if you eat all those french fries you will turn into a potato" is confusing. He thinks he will and does not understand why or how.
  • Language is tough for many kids with Autism, some do not speak at all, and many use their hands or even iPads to help them communicate. 
  • Autistic kids can be really good at some things! Our son loves video games, another friend's son loves to play tag. There can be a common bond, try to find it and see that YOU can be a friend.
  • Many kids with Autism may not look at you when you talk but they hear you. Be patient, our kids want to be your friend.
  • It is easy to walk away and think, "that kid is weird." Be the one that wants to make a difference. We ALL do weird things. Look around at your "typical" friends - they have quirky things too. 
  • If everyone is not laughing, it may not be funny, don't laugh AT, laugh with!
  • With acceptance comes some peace, as special needs parents we truly are on a journey with no real answers.

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